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Who is Emlak24?

Emlak 24 is a Germany-based real estate platform where only approved, certified and licensed real estate agents, builders and service providers can easily carry out all your real estate transactions such as buying, selling and renting real estate in Turkey. If you want to invest by buying real estate such as house, land, workplace in Turkey or you want to sell your real estate in Turkey quickly and reliably at its real value; but if you do not have the time and expertise to go to Turkey and follow the processes correctly, let us introduce you to Emlak 24!

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Our Vision and Mission

We aim to make more than 10,000,000 Turkish and more than 2,000,000 foreigners who own real estate in Turkey feel always with their investments.

Because we believe that everyone has the right to reach the right investments at the right prices. As a partner with real estate experts, we wish everyone to get expert opinion on their investments. We stand by everyone and ensure that they can easily manage their investments. We are always with you.


Corporate Responsibility

For us, every client is a partner. Because the service we provide to all our clients is valuable to us. It is a great responsibility for us to ensure that they are aware of all the details of their investments, to save them a great deal of trouble, to take care of their real estate as carefully as they do. Therefore, we work hand in hand with our team who are only certified real estate experts. We carefully look at every detail of your real estate.



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Would you like to solve all your real estate needs in Turkey from Germany with European standards and assurance? Thanks to Emlak24, you can easily handle the sale and rental, maintenance and renovation of your real estate in Turkey, find out the property value from our expert teams and even get regular rent. Your business is in safe hands with certified, licensed and expert real estate agents within Emlak24. Contact us now to solve your real estate transactions quickly and smoothly with Allianz and Emlak24 assurance. Emlak24 is your solution partner in real estate.

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